Frequently Asked Questions


1) What happened to your voice & why did it change?

I had sinus surgery which affected my tonality of my voice.

2) Do you do consultations / rituals for hire? Will you do a tarot or astrology reading for me?

No. I  no longer have time for individual consulting/reading services. It would take all of my time and put me behind schedule. Many payment processors aren't allowing for it anymore anyway. However, I do perform a generalized blessing for top tier supporters once per month on my patreon and subscribestar pages:

3) What is your email address / how can I contact you?
Customer service requests and success story / testimonials get first priority.

All other emails may or may not be responded to depending on the length and subject.

4) Will you do a video on a specific topic that I'm interested in?

Perhaps, but no guarantees. It depends on many factors.

5) Can I perform magick differently than how you've instructed or make substitutions?

Yes, however I cannot attest to how well it will work, if at all, when I've never performed it that way. Experimentation is encouraged though.

6) Lyam Thomas Christopher's book, Kabbalah, Magic and the Great Work of Self Transformation has said not to perform any other magick while working though its curriculum. Does this include your programs?

Yes, but this doesn't mean that you can't watch, listen, & learn from them in the meantime.

7) Help! All of my program purchases have disappeared from my Gumroad app library!

The Gumroad app is a third party app and is therefore not supported by Mind and Magick. However, it is known to have a bug that randomly hides library contents. If this has happened to you then you should check the following.
    • Log in to Gumroad from another device, PC or even a browser and make sure that your purchases are still there. They should be. They've always been there when checking from outside of the app.
    • Make sure that your purchases haven't been archived in your Gumroad account which will hide them from view. If they are, unarchive them.
    • Delete the data cache for the Gumroad app, uninstall the app, then reinstall. This is the only way we've found to be able to reset the app & get it working correctly again. It may take several attempts and even then there is no guarantee. It usually solves the issue but a rare few have never been able to get it working correctly again, in which case you should use a browser or local copy.

      Remember that I cannot guarantee Gumroad as a long term storage solution and encourage you to make local back up copies of all of your purchases just in case.